The Language and Logic of Mr. Zeng Rong

Almost a month after Dr. Lobsang Sangay, President of the Central Tibetan Administration published an article[1] in The Guardian about the need to change the flawed environmental policies in Tibet, Mr. Zeng Rong of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom published a letter[2] on September 3, 2017. When we discuss about many problems in Tibet, … Continue reading The Language and Logic of Mr. Zeng Rong

Tibetan Nomad Song

If one is moved by the beauty of the Tibetan plateau, one might as well listen to the literature of Tibetans-beyond laws and lens.For their words echo the meanings translations cannot reach. For their poems let us interpret what is said and unsaid. For their language carries us into the history of the mountains, and … Continue reading Tibetan Nomad Song

The Nomination of Achen Gangyab

July 7, 2017 "I now declare the decision 41 COM 8B.4 adopted."[1] It was late afternoon, 7th July 2017. Delegations from 118 State Parties, the Advisory bodies of World Heritage Committee, World Heritage Center, nature experts, culture experts, interpreters, NGOs and civil society had gathered for the 41st session of World Heritage Committee in Krakow, Poland. … Continue reading The Nomination of Achen Gangyab